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Ape Index was created by Nigel Leeming, a.k.a. Ninja Nigel with the aim of becoming the best climber in the world and winning Ninja Warrior UK.

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We offer a training environment for all family members, from toddlers to adults, beginners to supermen and superwomen. There is something to pull every muscle in every direction and under every duress imaginable. You can learn to balance, swing, jump. You will get stronger, more supple, more agile and more aware. You can build strength, and not just specific single plane pushing or pulling strength, but overall strength from your toes to your head, pushing, pulling, springing and gripping. You can develop power, not just lifting power, but explosive pulling, lifting, jumping and grabbing power. Then you can work your strength endurance on the pegboard or power endurance on the salmon ladder, or overall endurance by running through the obstacle courses. Ape Index is designed for movement training for the whole body across a range of disciplines.

Kids' Play

Kids' play (for up to 6 year olds) is 35 square metres of colour, shapes, climbing, swinging and having fun. We even have a mini warped wall!

Kids Play
Climbing / Bouldering Wall

The climbing wall is a bouldering wall with around 200 square metres of climbing and a 30cm thick carpeted foam mat for safety.

Wall 1
Room One

Room One is not a beginners' room, nor is it for the faint hearted. Everything in Room One is hard, and is specifically targetted at Ninja Warrior or Climbing training. It is where you take your magnificence and hone it to perfection. It looks nice too.

Room One
Ninja Runs or Obstacle Courses

The Ninja Runs are in four sections:

First up is the Jump Zone, where you train your leg strength and jumping ability, foot accuracy and hand accuracy while airborne.

Jump Zone

Next comes The Hangout. This is all upper body obstacles for training grip strength, arm strength and endurance and lock off strength.


When your arms and fingers can't take any more and you're gasping for breath, you enter the place where all inner turmoil must be set aside. The Zen Den requires poise, balance, accuracy.

Zen Den

Finally, it's the Ninja Climbs. Up the Warped Wall, the Spider Climb or the Rope.

Then it's back to the beginning to try it all again.
Ninjour Park

The world's first Ninja Park. Similar to a Parkour park but with added ninjaness. Vertical edges, spider wall, spider flip, angled walls, big steps, launch point for big swings and ziplines. More climbing, less jumps.

Ninjour Park
The Class Room

Where the training happens. We have a 132 square metre matted area and a surrounding rig with obstacles galore, bars, balances, training aids, sweat inducers and torture devices of many and varied forms.

Class Room
Cimbing Endurance Room

The climbing endurance room is where you work at being able to hang on and clip your rope. We have four boards at angles of 12, 20, 30 and 45° with circuits of circles and spirals to follow. There are also a couple of clips to add clipping to your endurance set. See the Videos page for more information.