Class Timetable

Classes are booked for the remainder of the term at £6 per class. To book, please come and see us any time, message us on facebook or call us on 07305 813 523. Please also complete our online waiver for all participants. Taster classes are available in any slot but must be booked first and are £6.

Faded out classes have not yet begun but you can put your name down on a waiting list and we shall start the class once we have enough interest.

Pre school

An open play session for pre-school children.

Home Education

A weekly social for home educators.

Ninjour Classes

Classes for Ninjour run during term time and are booked per term (or the remainder of a term) at £6 per class. We are committed to helping our students improve, and we all improve best by attending regular training. Alternatively, for those who cannot attend regular training, we have a drop in fee for pre-registered students of £7.50.

We have not separated our Ninjour classes into different levels so you can come along as a family and train together, except for our classes for the very young (3-5yrs). We shall split classes on some activities depending upon ability.

Our term times are:

Our classes run during half term breaks.

Day / Time

Introduction to Bouldering
A five week programme of 40 minute lessons to introduce a complete beginner to bouldering, plus an hour practice time after each lesson.
Ninjour Classes - Adult

Adult Ninjas can attend our Ninjour classes as individuals or family groups.

We teach all of the basic skills: balance, swinging, jumping and climbing which will develop into the ability to tackle any obstacle.

Introduction to Bouldering
A five week programme of 40 minute lessons to introduce a complete beginner to bouldering, plus 90 minutes practice time afterwards.
Ninja Circuits

Ninja flavoured circuits class for strength, cardio and mobility.


A programme for those wishing to start exercising who have been inactive for some time and need a gentle introduction. Basic motor skills & cardio.


Static and dynamic strength and conditioning for floor, bars and rings. Handstands, pull ups, muscle ups, levers and bar tricks.


The art of controlled movement.


Health and relaxation by holding postures and focusing on breathing and mindfulness.

Rigs for Racers (R4R)

Are you ready for the trials of rigs in Obstacle Racing? Are you still trying to get your first pull up? Build your upper body strength, grip, precision and endurance while exercising on obstacles found in obstacle races.

Climbing Club Night
A social climbing night on Tuesdays for new climbers to meet, train and learn the fundamentals of climbing. Discounts for club and BMC members.
Race Night
A social racing night on Wednesdays for Obstacle Racers and Ninjas to meet, train and go for broke on a range of courses.
Ladies' Night
A special class for women only to improve general fitness while having fun. The gym will be closed to the general public during this session.