Clash of the Titans - Competition and Training Day - 15/16th Sept 2018

Only £20 to enter the competition on Saturday 15th, £20 to join the Training Day on Sunday 16th where you can try the challenges and competition routes without the pressure of competing, or only £30 for both!

£1000 for Total Victory!*
£100 Top male and top female
£50 2nd place male and female
£25 3ed place male and female


Stage 1: Qualification

You have two hours to complete as many obstacle challenges as you can in two hours. This is a self scored round of 20 challenges where you score points for completion. Some will be easy. Some will be hard. Your score determines whether you go through to stage 2. The lower your score, the earlier you run.

Stage 2: Race Time

A nice easy run through some gentle obstacles
Those who go the furthest fastest go through to stage 3.

Stage 3: Desperation road

The top Ninjas race for a place in the final. The 3 furthest fastest go through to the final.

Stage 4. Total Victory!

The top 3 Ninjas from the final round go into isolation. This means no-one sees anyone else run. The course and rules are explained. The furthest fastest wins the day. If the furthest fastest also completes the course, they are given TOTAL VICTORY.

* just as with Ninja Warrior there is no prize if Total Victory (i.e. completion of the course) is not achieved.

Clash of the Titans - Tickets
You can book your place when you visit Ape Index, or buy tickets online from Facebook or Eventbrite.