Ninjour is a competitive sport inspired by Ninja Warrior.

The name is a blend of Ninja course in english, or Ninja parcour in french or german.

It is a combination of many disciplines to create the ultimate movement athlete with the focus, strengths and abilities to compete in Ninja Warrior style competitions.

It is complete physical and personal development in a fun, rewarding, exciting environment. Run, jump, balance, climb and swing. Move with fluidity, accuracy and speed.

Ninjour Gradings

We have a 10 stage certification programme for developing athletes from beginner to amazing. Any aspiring ninja can begin their journey at any point in the process. We do not hold anybody back if they have existing abilities. You can, for example, start at level 4 and be awarded levels 1 to 3 providing you can demonstrate proficiency at level 4. If you are interested, book onto one of our classes here. We also have an impressive set of stickers to collect as you train hard and become exceptional athletes in your Ninja career.

Remote Assessments

You may also wish to join our assessment and development programme remotely if you do not live within reach of Ape Index. This will give you focus in your training, and allow you to join our training community with some idea of who your peers may be, and also to identify your strengths and weaknesses as you progress. All remote development is done using video exchange and workshops.

Hall Of Fame
Level 1: Quester
Alex 100
Andy S 100
Jasper 100
Nicki T 100
Oscar B 100
Jacob T 97
Ollie S 97
Otis T 97
Theo 97
Daniel 94
Tom 94
Charlotte M 91
Charlotte P 91
Hannah B 90
Jacob T 90
Millie T 90
Nina C 90
Nina C 90
Otto SH 90
Nicky 88
Zachy 88
Amber F 87
Harriet P 87
Jasper 87
Joe W 87
Lexi W 87
Taylor K 87
Sam H 85
Jasper 84
Ravi T 84
Rueben P 84
Issi M 81
Nina C 78
Billy T 75
Muhammed 71
Rueben 71
Daniel 68
Ollie W 67
Nina C 66
Nico 64
Level 2: Hero
Jasmin F 100
Daniel G 97
Harriet P 94
Moze B 90
Andrejs 84
Charlotte P 81
Elina 81
Daniel 80
Flash C 80
Andrej 74
Ollie H 74
Otis T 74
Jamie G 70
Josh H 70
Level 3: SuperHero
Ibrahim P 90
Jasper 90
Moze B 84
Nina 84
Charlotte 80
Isabel 67
Level 4: Ninja
Alix A 97
Bryony C 97
Stuart K 97
Moze B 88
Otis 80
Sophie D 75
Joshua 64
Level 5: SuperNinja
Otis 74
Level 6: Ninja Fanatic
Level 7: Master
Level 8: Enlightened
Level 9: Transcendent
Level 10: Sasuke Reborn