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Fibre, Probiotics and the Microbiome

Have you ever heard that you need fibre or roughage (another name for fibre also spelled fiber) in your diet? You may even have seen ‘Added Fibre’ advertised on your food. Fibre is plant carbohydrate such as cellulose which cannot be completely broken down by human digestion. It comes from whole grains, fruit and vegetables.


Proteins are the building blocks and the builders of your body. Muscles, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, skin, hair and nails are all proteins. The proteins in our foods are broken down during digestion into small pieces called amino acids. There are 20 amino acids which are rebuilt into the 100,000 proteins we need. 8 (for


Carbo – hydr – ate = Carbon + Hydrogen + Oxygen. In a typical western diet most of our energy comes from carbohydrates. Rice, potatoes, sugar, starch, bread, flour, fibre and many other foods have a high carbohydrate content. Most natural food sources for carbohydrates: grains, vegetables and fruit contain many other nutrients and also


There are many sugars: galactose in milk and exciting new polyols (sugar alcohols) which sweeten food without adding as many calories as normal sugar. All sugars are carbohydrates. Normal sugar, also called table sugar, is a mixture of two sugars: Glucose and Fructose. Whether you’re eating sugar, syrup, honey, high fructose corn syrup, brown, white,