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The Babyeye – Grip Training

The Babyeye is a free hanging, versatile and ergonomic device to train your whole hanging and gripping system from absolute beginner to superstar. If you haven’t yet managed your first pullup or you’re a seasoned veteran, an obstacle racer or a climber who wants a lightweight training device, the Babyeye is designed for you. Its

UKOSF Time Trials 2020

Ninja Nigel vs Alix Arndt on an epic road trip. 5 days, 5 competitions. Day 1, Run 1: Body Hub Obstacle Centre Darryl White has set a 500m undulating energy sapping racetrack shaped course. Run 1 5m34s. Run 2 5m32s, shaving 2 seconds off. Alix sprinted round in 4m55s but fumbled the low rings on